Why Bloggers Need To Grow Their Instagram Accounts


So much emphasis is put on our stats and while they are important every PR person and company is looking for something different. It’s important that we as bloggers grow all of our social media and not put all of eggs in one basket, as they say.

We have all hit somewhat of a stand still with the stopping of like on Facebook. Never EVER have you been able to request a like on G+ and doing so will get your account penalized and/or removed. I see people do it all the time and when you’re a small blog quite frankly you have nothing to lose.

While this is an Instagram type of post I want to point out a few things about Facebook. One if you are a larger blog and you are requesting a visit I’ve heard tell that many sweepers are “unliking” the blogs. You’re leading them there and since it’s not required they can do it quite easily. Two Facebook OWNS Instagram, so it only seem plausable that what the rule is for Facebook will soon be for Instagram and now is the time to grow your Instagram account.

Instagram is tricky and it took me a while to figure it out. I’m still not a huge fan but I can give you a few pointers.

1. Take random photos and use a couple of hashtags but don’t go hashtag crazy. Quite simply people are turned off by too many.
2. Don’t forget to us #ad or #spon in your sponsored posts (Don’t blame me, blame the FTC!)
3. If you’re not a texter like me and you see all these great long posts on Instagram and think DAMN how did they do that…… Write your post, make a nice photo (use PicMonkey) and email it to yourself. Then copy and paste it. Yep, it’s cheating, but oh so much easier.
4. I’m not a photographer, in fact I don’t take good photos at all but take random photos when you’re out and about.
5. When I’m out and waiting in the car for the kids or hubby I go to instagram on my phone and do followbacks, likes and comments.

It’s hard for us as bloggers to grow our social media and to pick what social media we even want to be a part of but my something my grandmother used to tell me all the time was a bit of everything was good, but excessive anything wasn’t. So a little break from other media and growing where you’re short might be good.

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  1. I heard that facebook owned Instagram. I agree with you that you should built up on other social sites. I think it’s unfair to put so much work into giveaways and keeping up with blogging, that facebook would do that.

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