When Blogging Jobs Don’t Go According To Plan

Sometimes as bloggers we get jobs in that just hiccup from the moment we get it.  Recently, that happened to me and so I sat and thought about what I would do if I were the one in charge of PR.  The first thing I did was email the PR company to let them know what I did to fix the issue (The store was out of product).

I took my photo and based my post on the fact that the product was flying off the shelves and to get yours while you could.   I basically made the best out of a bad situation.  I emailed the PR Company who told me to go with what I had because they felt the link to the company was most important.

My point is there are so many times as bloggers that we must improvise and we need to think out of the box.  When in doubt email the person in charge of the campaign.  You’re not bothering them and that is their job.  I used to always be hesitant because I don’t like bothering people but in doing so I didn’t help myself any.

Get a bad product in the mail for review?  Give it to a friend or family member to try.  They may love it and you may get a whole new spin on the subject.  As bloggers we there is so much we can do to come off positive and with out lying.  Don’t get me wrong there are those circumstances that we must leave a bad review or unfavorable responses but sometimes we can avoid them.

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  1. I like the give the product for someone else to try. Sometimes as a reviewer I find that there are just some products that I have absolutely no use for but someone else might! Thanks for the tips.

  2. It is very difficult to do a review if we don’t like the product. I have told the sponsor before I post anything that it isn’t as I was told and ended up not posting anything instead of lying.

  3. I’m not a blogger, but it is interesting to get a little glimpse behind the scenes. I can see how it could be a big dilemma to get a product that doesn’t live up to expectations, etc.

  4. Unfortunately sometimes there are bad situations and even worse when the PR rep for the company is completely uncooperative which has happened to me a few times. Sometimes I debate on still blogging, but also going to work in the PR/media end of a company to try and help out and have a perspective from both ends. Great tip on giving the product to a friend or family member who may like it more.

  5. I always thought the interesting ones I heard about are when they sent one sock or wanted something reviewwed when you actualy had no product only a picture. I swear I couldnt be a review blogger,,, it would drive me batty!

  6. I always worry about giving a bad review but honesty is most important for me.
    I like your idea if seeing how someone else views the product or sevice and maybe combine the results.

  7. I guess I never really thought about the business side of blogging & that it is a job! These reviews have actually taught me some good tips, recipes, new holiday celebrations. Than you go the extra mile with the giveaways! It is smart to be a team and lookout for one another! I see hops and such. These bloggers have to have each others backs to be successful!

  8. I was wondering how so many of the bloggers reviewed so many different items. It is so much work! I had no idea. Thanks for telling us non-bloggers how it really is.

  9. There is not much you can do if you can’t find the product you are supposed to review but I would think they would send you one in that case. I also like having someone else try something you didn’t like to get their take on it

  10. I think that anyone who has been blogging for any amount of time can totally realte! It is a very self motivated business, and it can be hard to find really motivating content at times, but you seem to handle it well! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks for the honest article. I sometimes wondered what Bloggers did when they really did not like the product, that a company sent them. Giving it to someone else to try is a great idea. But if they don’t like it..then what do you do?

  12. You know, I have never really thought about all the work y’all Bloggers have to go through just for me to be sitting in my comfy cozy pj’s in my fave chair to read the info that you put out! Kudos to Y’all and a Big Fat Thank You!!

  13. You should always be honest with yourself, it doesn’t matter if your review isn’t approved, if that’s your opinon, just go for it ;)

  14. This is wonderful and I am glad that you brought this forward, because often I don’t like asking for help because I think I am just bothering that person or in the way sort of , if that makes any sense to you..

  15. I do try to find something good to say unless it’s total junk. But I don’t compromise my integrity either. I think it’s important to be real!

  16. I have decades of experience in nutrition and nursing and often thought about starting a blog. The more I read though, the less I want to start the whole process, lol. These articles are definitely an eye opener. Thanks!

  17. I’m glad you suggested giving to a friend or family member to try. Sometimes I can’t get past a negative impression- getting a fresh view from someone else is a great idea!

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