Twitter Tips for Beginners

Written By: Kerri Hale
Blog: Momma of 4 Cutiez
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Use your real name. Some people may disagree with me on this one and that’s ok. This has been a long debate with bloggers whether to use your business name or your real name. When someone speaks –or even types your name– it makes you feel good and gives you a more real connection with that other person. People get to know the person behind the blog.
“Hatch out of your egg.” If you haven’t taken the time to “hatch out of your egg” I’m not following you. I take Twitter users more seriously when they actually have a profile picture instead of an egg.
Use hash tags when you tweet but not too many. You might be familiar with Facebook’s newsfeeds but Twitter’s newsfeeds go by so quickly that often times they get lost in a sea of tweets in a matter of minutes. Using the correct hashtags helps people to find your tweet. Don’t use more than three hashtags in a single tweet though. It looks spammy.
Make a bio. This is another really important thing. A bio is a simple glance at who you are in a limited amount of words. Why is this important? I decide in less than 5 seconds whether or not I’m going to follow you based on your bio. You don’t have to have an extraordinary bio, just write…..something. Tell me who you are!
Follow people in your niche or people you already know first. You can search for them by using their name or hashtags. This is another reason why your real name and hash tags are so important. Don’t follow more than 50 people at a time and wait until some of them follow you back until you add more. Twitter limits the amount of people you can follow within a certain time frame.
Don’t “over follow”. If only 100 people are following you and you are following more than 1,000 that doesn’t speak good for you. Try and stick with a more even ratio. It makes you look more interesting and more people are apt to want to learn more about you.

22 Replies to “Twitter Tips for Beginners”

  1. This is a perfect post for my sister who just created a Twitter a week ago and it so clueless, I have been trying to explain the basics to her. This pretty much summarizes it well.

  2. I agree with all of them but the one about having even numbers of following and followers. I have way more following.

  3. I stay away from twitter, even tho I have ab account. I an just clueless how to start a tweet. And I just have no one to ask.

  4. I need to brush up on the ins and outs of twitterdom. I’m hanging out there more than Facebook just because it’s quicker to visit and post. Yes, too many hashtags still bother me too! I only use one or two max.

  5. I’ve had a Twitter account for over a year and I still can’t get the hang of it. Thank you for the tips. Maybe one day I’ll be cool.

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