There is a whole host of things that irritate me when it comes to veteran bloggers speaking down to new bloggers.  People forget they were once new too.  Some of the things I’ve seen/heard can be summed up below with of course my thoughtful opinion of it.


1.  If you have 500 Facebook followers and you have a reach of 50 you’re obviously doing something wrong.

This is not true.  It takes a bit of experience and a bit of practice to get those numbers up.  A few tips?  Don’t just post your reviews, giveaways, and articles, share other bloggers posts too.  Don’t be afraid to post on your page something that you’re not posting on your blog.  Post something fun or funny.  It’s going to take time to build your audience and sometimes people are just pricks.


2.  I’m not going to help you because no one helped me when I was starting out.

Gee someone sounds like a poor sport and a jerk.  Obviously the people that fall into this category are not the “love thy neighbor type”.  If you need help keep asking in Facebook groups or via personal email.  Someone will be kind enough to help.  Sometimes bloggers don’t have the time but that doesn’t mean they have to be rude.


3.  I’m not going to help anyone because it increases competition in the blogging world.  

What these people are REALLY saying is I’m not helping anyone else because I don’t have faith in my blog and writing abilities and I’m afraid you’ll leave me in your dust.  These are usually the people whose blog is here today and gone tomorrow.


4.  I have SO my pitches in my email that I can’t keep up with them.

Uhhhh, no they don’t.  This is just another bragging comment set up to say, “I’m a veteran blogger and you’re a newbie.”  Don’t sweat it.  Yes we get pitches, but we don’t get 100 a day.  Obviously the people complaining about so many pitches haven’t checked their email in ages.


5.  Newbie bloggers are hurting the blogging world.

NO, NO, NO!  This is not true.  We were all new once and some of the best writers and best reviewers I’ve met are new.  What is hurting the blogging world are veteran bloggers that learned to use the system and are dishonest, cheating and NOT actually doing their job.  A giveaway or review doesn’t end at a post.  No, you have to follow through and continually hit up companies and pr that haven’t sent product.  We are working for both sponsors and the entrants.


These are just a few that grind my nerves and make me want to reach through the screen and shake people.  There is no reason to be mean to people that are new.  Each of us has a unique blog and bring something different to the table.  No one is going to corner all of the traffic online, because as individuals different things interest us.