The Oily Life

A few years ago I watched a few friends on Facebook share about their journey and adventure with essential oils. I figured some of this was just placebo, voodoo healing, where it was all in their mind. Some other part of me, the part that believes in supernatural, mysticism, and the power of the almighty, I thought there might be something to this oily life they speak about. So I started to inquire. When I did, I wish I hadn’t.

One of my friends was a DoTerra distributor and man alive was she hot and heavy into selling me. I understand most of these businesses are a MLM, but damn…there was no need to hard sell me on something I was really trying to learn about for the betterment of my life and family. As she turned me off into “buying in” and joining any sort of organization, I really started to delve more into my research.

I suppose I was looking into essential oils because of my frustration with modern medicine. Not that western medicine does not lack efficacy, but I see/saw more and more doctors jumping on their own sort of MLM with pushing drugs based on whatever drug company is offering kick backs. Or so my opinion, many physicians that I do know personally that are close friends, are all about self care and have a “fuck the man” attitude about big pharma and traditional western treatments. I digress.

My eldest was struggling in school. Focus, irritability, getting sick. My youngest two were falling victim to the germs and gunk that fly around school. They too would bring the cooties home and next thing you know, we are all feeling the affects. We had already converted to a full organic diet. I was dead set on ensuring my kids had every chance of a future with as much reduced exposure to additional chemicals as possible. I felt that essential oils might have been that final missing puzzle piece for my kids.

So one day, while perusing Facebook again, another one of my friends shared about her oily experience. She shared in a non sales fashion. She is one of my people: earthy, home-schools her children, makes her own soap, our interests are so deeply parallel it warms my heart. Which reminds me, I need to email her to check on her. I digress again. Her post really hit me, like the universe aligned properly for me to execute my decision to invest in essential oils. I am so glad I did!

Within a few days of signing up with no annual fees or obligation or pressure, I received my essential oils box and I was in hog heaven! I began diffusing immediately, I literally wanted to bathe in the awesomeness that is essential oils. Not even a day later I had to unplug and throw away my Scentsy products my mom and my friend had given me, the scents were sickening and I felt nauseous. More scents began to upset me. Commercial, chemical scents I had never taken into account: Downy fabric softener, my laundry detergent, my soaps, my “green” household cleaners. Suddenly, I realized that reducing exposure to chemicals was more than just food.

The first onset of any resemblance or symptoms of a cold, I began to slather my children in oils. One of my favorites was RC for respiratory and chest. This oil really helped to support their respiratory and immune wellness. So much so, they began to ask for a personal roller ball to take to school. Peppermint on the temples and a glass of water began to be the new norm for headaches instead of Advil. Thieves was being diffused when the weather was sketchy between warm and cold, especially when the seasons began to change. Thieves was also used in my homemade cleansers to eliminate more toxins in our house.

After a few months I saw our overall wellness in our home improve. My kids were less irritable. My husband was less irritable. I was less irritable. Maybe it was our mindset. Maybe it was a placebo affect. Maybe it was the oils. Maybe I was crazy! Suddenly I became one of THOSE people.

In my journey though I learned a lot of basics. I learned to listen to my body more. I learned that life is okay with modern medicine AND holistic, natural, and plant based remedies for care. Oils really transformed my husband’s life twice. The first is when he was covered in roofing tar, cursing at the sink because traditional, chemical infested soaps and cleansers were not removing the tar. Just two drops of lemon essential oil and he was shouting “sorcery!” at me as if I had played a trick on him. The second was after a hard week in the warehouse, he stepped away from his operations manager job and got dirty with his employees in the warehouse, back to his roots. Throwing around steel girders and beams, resetting racking to house inventory in the distribution warehouse got him sore and crouched over like an old man. His bad back was suffering. I offered him my roller ball of Deep Relief…he always appeases me when I try alternative treatment methods. God bless him for being a good sport. He couldn’t believe what he was feeling when he was able to stand up straight, his muscles and pain eased with some good old fashioned oils to support his wellness.

Not everyone can get behind alternative methods, healing, and wellness support from items like oils, crystals, meditation. Something has got to be said for the oily life. Something has to be said about the bounty that God has provided on this earth with our various plants and herbs. We use them in pharmaceuticals where they have been drastically altered, why can’t we use them in their raw state to improve our wellness? Support our wellness? How do you support your everyday wellness? Have you joined in the oily life?

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