The Importance Of Owning Your Own Site



When I first started to blog the biggest question we had is what blogging platform to go with.  Blogger, WordPress, or then Xanga.  Since 2009 I have seen a lot of changes in the online world take place, Xanga which I loved is gone, but they promoted bloggers and blogging content and I had several of my articles featured.


Blogger/Blogspot, owned by Google is rather unfriendly to blog with.  At first my partner and I really liked that we could both be logged into Blogger or Blogspot at the same time and working with out issue.  We also liked the fact that we could change templates, themes etc on a regular basis with little effect on us as individuals.  In reality Blogger much like Google doesn’t work with all blogs and hasn’t stayed up to date with times.  That said even though, as bloggers we’re judged by Google, I think Google looks down upon bloggers of all types.  While they pushed and shoved to be the top search engine/everything internet, they kind of picked the wrong partners to sleep with so to speak.  Which is why the slow and steady Yahoo, is starting to re-emerge on top (But I digress and that is for another post!).


I fought for WordPress.  At the time blogging wasn’t the big deal it is today, 6 years later.  Wordpress just seemed more programming friendly.  It also was supported by many of the hosting companies we checked out.  Sadly we started with the free version of WordPress and then within months were struggling to transfer everything over to the self-hosted WordPress.


Lately, I’ve noticed many PR companies and clients asking me if I own my own site.  If I am self hosted, and which blogging platform I use.  I always knew that WordPress  was well liked and that it offered widgets that helped improve blogging for us all, as individuals.  Now more than ever I think it’s important to have your own .com or .net to show that you are a serious blogger.  People using the free platforms are not supposed to accept paid opportunities and many who have skirted the issue have had their blogs deleted.


With all the work that goes into creating your blog and blog content you need to take charge of its destiny and not allow yourself to fall victim of terms of use that you may have been unaware of.





15 Replies to “The Importance Of Owning Your Own Site”

  1. Oh wow…I did not know that you could have your blog deleted if using a free platform and then accepting a paid opp. I have a WordPress blog which comes with the Yahoo Small Business hosting that I pay for. I’m so happy that I have this option!

  2. I have a brand new blog. Not sure what direction I will take with it yet. I use a WordPress free account. Thank you for the heads up about the terms of use. Not that I expect any paid opportunities to be coming in anytime soon. Do you know anything about SquareSpace? Someone recommended it to me. I know that it is not free, but I don’t know much more about it.

  3. Hi mdotdrizzi

    Thank you for stopping by. As a new blog I would suggest you get self hosted before you have tons and tons of files to transfer over. It took us a lot of time and pain to do this when we first started. I have not heard of SquareSpace but 2 I’m not impressed with are Go Daddy and Fat Cow. Go Daddy is great for buying names and .com but not so much on the hosting side. Fat Cow, our site was down more than it was up. I finally settled on Hostgator and for the most part I love them. I also love their tech support because they will fix issues even if you accidently caused it yourself. The most they ever charged me for a fix is $10.

  4. I wish that I had time to keep mine up! I started one and really enjoyed it, but it was so hard to keep up with!

  5. Thank you for this invaluable information! I’m just about to start a blog, but am finding it takes a lot more technical savvy than I thought. But I love the community spirit, and the fact that everyone is willing to help each other. ;)

  6. This was very interesting. I’ve thought about blogging but I’m too old! I do enjoy reading about it though. Great post!

  7. I have thought about having a blog, but so far that is all. Maybe someday. Thanks for sharing this information. I did not know any of this. :)

  8. I tried having a bit of a blog on blogspot, but I realize that having a blog and keeping it going is like having a pet – a lot of work! I never tried any other, since blogspot was free, and I just wanted to have it for fun – this is very interesting info. Google should wake up! they are missing a good opportunity! If you email their management, they might listen.

  9. I have thought of starting a blog site so often but I have this fear of doing it. I see all the work you put into this and I am not sure what the rewards are for doing this. Do you get paid in any way or do you get free products, trips, etc. I really enjoyed this article. Thank you so much for sharing

  10. This post is very helpful! I’m thinking about starting a blog and like to find advice from experienced bloggers.

  11. Thank you for the information. I will definitely consider this if I move forward with my plan to create a blog.

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