The Importance Of Bloggers Embracing Sweepers

As people, human beings, and bloggers we are imperfect. None of us will ever achieve 100% perfection but we are all taught and know right from wrong in this world. Our work as bloggers not only reflects on us as indiviuals but as bloggers in a whole. While it’s not fair it’s the way it is. It’s the way so many people, tribes, and groups have been judged from the beginning of time.

It’s important that when we work with other bloggers we don’t ruin our values and integrity. It’s important we stay true to ourselves. We can’t always do that because we are not in control of others actions. Unfortunately, I’ve had moments as a blogger that I’ve been involved with people that didn’t make me proud and quickly disassociated myself with them.

Standing up for what you believe in is difficult to say the least, and standing your ground is even tougher, but doing so will make you love yourself more. I’ve seen it time and again in the 6 years I’ve been blogging that a blogger will do wrong, and rally her friends behind her to hassel and destroy others that are trying to rectify the situation or warn others.

As bloggers we find it offensive when we are slighted by pr. When it’s said we receive FREE things, which aren’t free when we’re blogging about them. Blogging is a real job and work to most of us, not a hobby.

While it isn’t right for people to look down upon us, it also isn’t right for us to look down upon the sweepers that bring us our traffic. They enter our reviews and giveaways and MANY use the codes we provide to show that bloggers are bringing clients to the sponsors. They are to be treated with love and care and as people that are helping us prove that blogging is the advertising of the future.


Sweepers are people and they deserve our respect, and in respecting them that means hosting honest contests and giveaways, with out bowing to the few who have lost their integrity.  It is up to those of us who want run good and honest blogs to encourage one another.  When blogging or even living remember everyone is entitled to respect and kindness.

17 Replies to “The Importance Of Bloggers Embracing Sweepers”

  1. Boy you couldn’t have said it any better. I have run into a few dishonest bloggers and it wasn’t fun. I am so grateful that there are more honest then dishonest bloggers.

  2. I am always saddened to see that women’s insecurities trump integrity. They are misguided and claim to be noble in their actions but led by their weakness for fear someone would be better than them. I would welcome that someone has greater strengths than my own and what I can learn from them. If only more people could be humble and respect one another as individuals instead of creating a false caste system. Well said.

  3. Thank you for the article. I am following blogs again after experiencing a few dishonest bloggers and if I see any sign of drama, I will not follow them or anyone associated with them. I enjoy so much of what the various bloggers offer from the hard work in preparing the blogs but my sweeping/blog time is to enjoy, not have my head filled with nonsense

  4. I am a newer blogger, but have done a few giveaways and appreciate the traffic that people entering my giveaways bring. They are taking some time on my site and I say WELCOME! I hope a few will come back around!

  5. I do admit that it is sometimes frustrating to have your giveaway posts have over 1000 views and the post you poured your heard into only gets 20 but I have quite a few sweepers that come to my blog who are engaged readers as well. I started running giveaways to get new eyes on my blog and while not all of them stay and only show up for the giveaways, some do and I appreciate them all :)

  6. If bloggers are concerned about people only visiting their blog to enter contests, there are ways to tailor the entries so that the entrants are visiting other posts.

  7. I recently came across a very nasty blogger. I no longer follow that person and I will tell everyone I know to do the same. I do not like to be treated as poorly as that womanly woman treated me!

  8. I visit a lot of blogs and enter a lot of giveaways, but I have never heard the term sweeper before. I do, however see a few bloggers that try to cut down other blogs and that’s when I quit going to those particular blogs. I take integrity very seriously. I can’t take it when someone tries to ruin something that someone else has worked hard for.

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