August Winners 2015

08/01/15 $50 Fandango Gift Card

Robert G.

08/08/15 My Little Pony Friendship Day Giveaway #MLPFriendshipDay

T. Snyder is the winner!

08/08/15 AcuRite Atomic Clock With Dual Alarm RV$49.99

julie lee is the winner!

08/08/15 More Water Fruit Infuser Bottle *3* Winners

kim hardy is a winner!
Dorothy Boucher is a winner!
Natosha Hector is a winner!

08/10/15 Summer Movie Night Fun Giveaway

Eg K.

08/18/15 QMT Windchimes Christmas in July Giveaway RV $175

Keri C.

08/21/15 CREO Originals Kickstarter Event & Giveaway RV $283

Addie F.


08/24/15 The Apologetics Study Bible Giveaway

J. Townsley is the winner!

08/25/15 Summer Fishing/Camping Giveaway

Tom Z.

Donna P.

Jessica A.

08/29/15 Doggone Family Movie Giveaway

June Winners



06/06/15 California Pizza Kitchen $50 GC Giveaway

laurie nykaza is the winner!

06/06/15 Bugsy’s Box of the Month Giveaway

Sally Bridges-Stanbrough is the winner!

06/10/15 Amazing Socket Genie Giveaway

06/12/15 OSIS+ Glamour Queen Volumizing Hairspray

Jeanette S.

06/14/15 ICare Callus Remover Pedicure Giveaway

Heather S.

06/15/15 Starsky & Hutch DVD Giveaway

Traci U.

06/15/15 Chef’s Necessities Silicone Cooking Gloves Giveaway

Nicol B.

06/15/15 Handmade Beading Woven Rope Bracelets *2* Winners

Vickie C.

Lonnie H.

06/17/15 Smart Weigh Bathroom Scale Giveaway

06/21/15 Happy Independence Day Giveaway

Jerrica E.
Cindy L.
Karen G.

06/21/15 CALYPSO RX Giveaway

Sarh S.

06/24/15 $50 GC Giveaway to Soufeel Jewelry

Angela Cash is the winner!

06/25/15 Networking Perks Trophy Skin Event RV $299

Madeline D.

06/27/15 Enjoying Tea – Tea Sampler Giveaway

Jackie V.

06/29/15 Old Factory Scented Candles Giveaway

Layne A.

06/24/15 $50 GC Giveaway to Soufeel Jewelry

Angela Cash is the winner!

06/25/15 Networking Perks Trophy Skin Event RV $299

Madeline D.

06/27/15 Enjoying Tea – Tea Sampler Giveaway

Jackie V.

06/29/15 Old Factory Scented Candles Giveaway

Layne A.

06/30/15 Naturalico Rechargeable Electronic Callus Remover RV $59.99


April 2015 Winners

03/31/15 Eggceptional Easter Snack Giveaway

Darlene O.
Debbie W.
Kathy H.

04/04/15 Cookina Reusable Cooking Package Giveaway

michelle k. is the winner!

04/04/15 California Delicious – California Fresh Creamery & Gourmet RV $79.99

Tammy Evans is the winner!

04/10/15 Woodie Specs – Sandalwood Watch Giveaway

Keri C.

04/11/15 Mrs. Freshley’s Prize Package $25 RV

Evelyn Dortch is the winner!

04/11/15 Lugz Regiment LO WR Shoes RV $69.99

robyn donnelly is the winner!

04/21/15 Rudolphs Cinco de Mayo Pork Rind Snack Giveaway

Kim P.

04/23/15 National Park Trust Giveaway

Winners March 2015


03/05/15 Luck of The Irish St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway

Sharon G.

03/07/15 A Michael Bolton Surprise! From American Greetings


03/07/15 1 Month Bean Box Coffee Delivery

zoe monteleone is the winner!

03/08/15 Daylight Savings Giveaway

Ann C.
Laura R.
Lisa W.
Kim P.
Ashley L.

03/14/15 Road Trip to Freshness by Febreze $25.00 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

03/23/15 FlagsRUs.Org Spring Makeover Giveaway

shea balentine is the winner!

03/23/15 Zims Naturals Max Freeze Giveaway

Tamra Phelps is the winner!

03/23/15 GiftsForYouNow.Com $25 GC Giveaway

Holly Thomas is the winner!

03/25/15 Gaslamp Popcorn Celebration Giveaway

Joan Kubes is the winner!

03/30/15 Ergo Chef 8 Piece Grilling Knife Set Giveaway

Winners January & February, Networking Perks, bloggers

01/21/15 Get On Up Giveaway Package From Universal Pictures

Lesley F


01/26/15 40 Pk Brooklyn Bean Roastery Boardwalk Blend KCups Giveaway

Julie Waldron

01/28/15 Crayon Rocks Valentine Gift Bag Giveaway

Jennifer M.

01/30/15 QMT Windchimes Square Redwood Planter Box Giveaway

Kathy D.

01/31/15 Sausage, Veggies & Zatarain’s Rice Dinner & $25 Amazon GC Giveaway #EatInChallenge

Holly T.

01/31/15 ZumZum Bike Giveaway

Danielle Golden is the winner!

01/31/15 Lush Decor $200 GC Giveaway

Dee Lafrenz is the winner!

02/02/15 LushesCurtains $200 GC Giveaway

L. is the winner!

02/02/15 Love Peace & Joy 5 Piece Glass Votive Set in Silver – Tray w/ LED Tea Lights Giveaway

Hilary M.

02/03/15 Country Bob’s Spice Up The New Year Sweepstakes

Karl T.
Ty W.
Barbara A.

02/04/15 Show Your Support For Lupus Giveaway

Johnnie B.

02/08/15 The Ergo Chef 2015 Cutlery Celebration Giveaway

Michelle M.
Jessica D.
Chris O.

02/08/15 Eli’s Original Cheesecake Giveaway

Denise M.

02/10/15 Winter $50 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

David S.

02/14/15 Mwah Lip Gloss Giveaway

Katie Bellamy is the winner!

02/14/15 Nerd Block Jr. Giveaway

Ann Babenco is the winner!

02/17/15 2Cellos SIGNED CD Giveaway

Jerry M.

02/18/15 Tea Gallerie – Warm Brewed Tea To Share With Someone Special Giveaway

Christina L.

02/18/15 Winning Moves Game Giveaway Valentine’s Day Event

Stephanie G.

02/28/15 DrainWig Hair Catcher Giveaway

02/28/15 Manbrands.Club Socks For Men

02/28/15 Dinner For Two Giveaway

02/28/15 Limited Edition QMT Windchimes Giveaway

John B.