Spring Means Less Time Online For Everyone



I like many others have been swamped and pushed for time.  Spring has spring and everyone has projects, events, and wants to be out in the fresh air.  Which leads me to….. we as bloggers are going to see less traffic.  I have spoken to a few bloggers ready to throw in the towel but “slow and steady” wins the race.


Now is a great time to keep a notebook in your car, purse or diaper bag and take notes.  Maybe while you’re out you’ll find inspiration for content posts to add to your daily blogging posts.  Post that people will read on their phone or tablet while they’re out and about.


This is also a great time to boost your media.  Become more engaging with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  All of us have taken a hit via Facebook and their new rules and how we can’t even keep a simple “like” any more.  Build your content and work on engaging your readers.  When many of us are in the car pool line, at the park or beach we’re also checking our Facebook, favoriting a photo on Instagram, or seeing what our favorite blogs are up to on Twitter!



Writer’s Block And Other Blogger Maladies

Brain vacations are a must in the blogging world, especially for avoiding writers block. Writing reviews, giveaways, creating recipes and content isn’t easy and you most certainly don’t want to sound like a broken record, but sometimes our posts can sound redundant. We need to relay to our readers not only that we like or dislike a product but why, and it’s not always easy to put thoughts into words.

The cure? Don’t over think things. Start relaxing, smiling, and having a little fun. Get FRESH air! Blogging is a serious business but being too serious is B-O-R-I-N-G! When you relax your universe will start flowing again.

Many bloggers have more than one blog to keep up with and have loads of articles to post each week. Not all are reviews or giveaways. Many are food, crafts, how tos and so much more. Blogging is a huge world and you can find a blogger on every subject you can think of, but your blog is what makes you an individual.

As bloggers we’re constantly learning new things about vlogging, stats, SEO and BLECH, all that stuff that is important but not fun, and can lead to brain overload and writer’s block. I have learned more blogging then I ever learned in college, but what I learned in college enabled me to learn and get where I am today. That sentence almost doesn’t make sense so let me explain. In college I took programing, marketing, accounting and business. None of these things am I using to blog and most are out of date by the year. Accounting has been replaced with simple data entry. The programming I took while null and void today have allowed me to learn html and other new ways to program and create websites, photos and posts.

What does all this have to do with writer’s block? It’s a lot. Do you know how much your brain is holding? The trick is getting it all out and into words. What we learn to be bloggers sometimes clogs our thoughts and we have to step back and take a break. We can do this and if we support one another instead of competing with one another we will all be more successful.