Beware of Dog but Be Afraid of the Cats!

The dishwasher repairman was here the other day and I introduced him to Dot, my 6 month old Beabull.  She’s a doll, curious, but a doll just the same.  She was sweet and lost interest quickly.  The repairman went to work with half his body in the dishwasher.  Not long after I hear a muffled yell, “Holy CATS!”


I had forgotten to introduce him to our 4 cats.  Mainly, because they come out when they please and I hadn’t really seen a need.  I jumped up and looked to find 3 of the 4 cats on his back.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Lucky, for him they’re friendly but inquisitive little creatures.  They really wanted to know what he was doing and even raised their voices.


I shooed the cats off of him, most especially, Vanilla, our special cat who is a solid 20lbs by himself.  When the guy was done he looked at the cats and gave each one a pat, and admitted to me what when Vanilla hopped on him that he thought, it must be the puppy.


Our dog doesn’t bark much and she never alerts us when someone is at the door.  The cats however, are another story.  They all run for the door, and one even meows heading to the door, however they hadn’t that day.  Let me take a moment to introduce you.

Dot – 3/4 English Bulldog & 1/4 Beagle 

Dot is sweet and friendly, but her downfall is chasing cats.  She was schooled by Oli, our mama cat and no longer chases her.  The others, however, are at her mercy.  The funny thing is when she catches one she hugs them.  They hat her hugs and kisses but at least she isn’t trying to eat them!

Oli – aka mama kitty – Maine Coon

This kitty is one to love.  She’s had a hard life as a feral & indoor cat.  She came to us as a kitten.  Her and her brother starving and living in our woodpile outside.  Catching them was hard but we brought them in and gave them ample food and water.  They weren’t happy inside though and so after some tlc we put them in our barn.   Oli’s brother disappeared and after a vacation we came home to kittens!


Raising Oli’s kittens was amazing and I’ll share more stories later but we kept 2.

Izzy – Calico

Izzy, is one of Oli’s kittens, she’s your basic calico, but she thinks she’s a nurse.  When someone is sick in the house they know Izzy will be laying by their side.  She will also get up and touch her nose to your forehead from time to time.  We’re convinced she’s checking temperatures.  She is my cat though.  When she’s not playing nurse she’s in our room napping and waiting for us to come to bed.  She sleeps between my husband and I and if we’re holding hand’s she’ll slip her little paw between us.



Vanilla – Tan Tabby 

Vanilla, oh where do I start.  He was found much later than the other kittens and Oli had been taking amazing care of him, but he had pine pitch stuck to his nose and when we soaked it off green ooze was coming from his nose.  He was also a 1/4 of the size of the other kittens.  The vet gave him antibiotics but said the outlook wasn’t good.  We he pulled through and became Quinn’s special kitty.  He’s not smart, doesn’t know his name (though I wouldn’t come to Vanilla either), but he can use the litter box and eat.  Obviously, at 20lbs he eats a lot.  Try putting one cat on a diet when you have 4.   Vanilla lives in Quinn’s room with him and sometimes has to be thrown out for trying to sleep on Quinn’s chest at night.

Jasper – Tuxedo 

Jasper found himself a home.  Ian lost his long time best friend and cat Poppy, and a year later wanted another cat.  While we had 3 now I didn’t have the heart to tell him no.  I was impressed that the then teen went to all of the county shelters with in a 100 mile radius.  He didn’t want just any cat, he wanted a cat that wanted him, and Jasper proved to be that cat by hitting him on the head from the cage.  When Ian would bend down to look at other cats Jasper but knock him on the noggin.  When he took him out of the cage to bring him home and the other cats came around Jasper let them know Ian was his.  Since then Jasper has attached himself to Ian and lives in his room.


This is our menagerie of pets – Share yours with us!