Writer’s Block And Other Blogger Maladies

Brain vacations are a must in the blogging world, especially for avoiding writers block. Writing reviews, giveaways, creating recipes and content isn’t easy and you most certainly don’t want to sound like a broken record, but sometimes our posts can sound redundant. We need to relay to our readers not only that we like or dislike a product but why, and it’s not always easy to put thoughts into words.

The cure? Don’t over think things. Start relaxing, smiling, and having a little fun. Get FRESH air! Blogging is a serious business but being too serious is B-O-R-I-N-G! When you relax your universe will start flowing again.

Many bloggers have more than one blog to keep up with and have loads of articles to post each week. Not all are reviews or giveaways. Many are food, crafts, how tos and so much more. Blogging is a huge world and you can find a blogger on every subject you can think of, but your blog is what makes you an individual.

As bloggers we’re constantly learning new things about vlogging, stats, SEO and BLECH, all that stuff that is important but not fun, and can lead to brain overload and writer’s block. I have learned more blogging then I ever learned in college, but what I learned in college enabled me to learn and get where I am today. That sentence almost doesn’t make sense so let me explain. In college I took programing, marketing, accounting and business. None of these things am I using to blog and most are out of date by the year. Accounting has been replaced with simple data entry. The programming I took while null and void today have allowed me to learn html and other new ways to program and create websites, photos and posts.

What does all this have to do with writer’s block? It’s a lot. Do you know how much your brain is holding? The trick is getting it all out and into words. What we learn to be bloggers sometimes clogs our thoughts and we have to step back and take a break. We can do this and if we support one another instead of competing with one another we will all be more successful.


Bloggers Suffering In Silence

There are days I want to pull my hair out because life collides with blogging and I can’t keep a thought together.  One of those weeks is is this week.  My son crashed our mini van.  He’s ok and I’m thankful but then it’s time to think tickets, insurance and the van only had PLPD and is totaled, and at this point our family can’t afford to replace it. (Mind you he was ticketed because in MI if you slide on the ice and go in the ditch you’re legally going too fast for conditions.  He was only going 40 mph in a 50 mph). This month is my Birthday and my husbands which means all the plates for our cars have to be renewed and my drivers license (More $$).


The boy, yes the one that crashed is being a royal pain and testy with us.  I know why, he’s embarrassed, he’s upset, and lacking a vehicle has limited his freedom.


Boy #2 took the pan I had on our wood stove with water (for reasons I don’t understand) and set it on the floor.  Burning a perfect round circle in the middle of the floor.


My daughter and Karie, God Bless them have been keeping me sane.


Then on to blogging.  I need to gather my thoughts and kick out the best posts possible for my sponsors.  Now how am I supposed to do that when all this is going on?  I can’t, you can’t, no one can.


As moms,dads, and bloggers, there are a lot demands heaped upon us and they’re hard to deal with and take care of.  I’ve worked a lot in the business sector and blogging is a different beast than your every day job.  You have to keep your wits about you and think when creating any post.  The answer?  Unplug!  If you ask any blogger what their hours are they’ll tell you, from the time their feet hit the floor, until the time their head hits the pillow.  In between this moment falls life.  Bloggers work first and live 2nd and by doing so suffer in silence.


For 2015 I’m going to change that.  I’m going to balance my time better.  I’ve created a list of things I’m going to rule out of my life and the things I’m going to keep or add.  As bloggers we all need to inventory our lives and put the real things in life first and our jobs “blogging” 2nd.  Yes, blogging is a job, it’s not a life and sometimes we forget that.



What Are Your Blogging Goals for 2015?



What are you blogging goals for 2015?  Are the healthy for you and your blog?  Are they going to build numbers and your  integrity as a blogger?  It’s important that we think before we blog and that we blog professionally.  So many times “Bloggers” are given a bad name because of the drama on their blogs and their unprofessionalism.  This not only reflects on you you but on all of us as bloggers.


Blogging has become a way of life for many people.  A way to stay home, take care of your kids, and work.  A way to “Have It All” if you will.  So when you’re creating your posts remember that.  I was reminded yesterday that creating goals on paper and marking you achievements are important.  This improves your attitude and may even give you inspiration to keep going.


If your goals are to increase your traffic think about what you will have to post to bring in that traffic.  If your goals are to increase your content know that you’re going to have to work on subject matter and do a little research.  Content just doesn’t fall into your lap.  Words don’t come easy and writer’s block happens.  Be easy on yourself and know that the words will eventually come.


2015 is going to be a banner year, live love and laugh.  Enjoy all that is around you and you will find plenty to blog about and the rest of your goals will fall into place.



Do Better Blogging By Being Social



The holidays are over and with that most bloggers stats are down, and that creates cranky bloggers.  While gallivanting around the internet I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers with a bit of a holiday hangover.  Pass them the ass-prin please!  I don’t know how or why some bloggers come to the conclusion that they can blog all by themselves and on their own.


Blogging is a community effort.  We all need each other. We are people and it’s our nature. Social media is called social media because you have to be…..(drum roll please???) SOCIAL! I can’t tell you how many working relationships and collaborations have been spurred from working with others! Make friends, smile, be happy, and be nice, it will get you a lot further!


If you associate with other bloggers take the time to like and follow their social media  and maybe they’ll reciprocate!


It has taken me a lot time to learn that I can’t work 24/7 blogging and not work in social media too.  It just doesn’t work.  You have to build your social media, to promote your blog post.  You have to make friends to build your social media.  Are you seeing a pattern here?