Stuck On Stupid


I am one of those people that must do things in order. I have a list say 1-10, I cannot get to #5 unless I finish #1 and when #1 is being influeced by someone else or some other thing it drives me mad. I can literally freak myself out over this and stop my constructiveness from it. Because of this, I generally have 20 windows (no exaggeration) open at one time. Long ago on my antiquated laptop it once told me I had too many windows open and was shutting down, and it DID!

I have come to recognize that I have this issue, and sometimes am able to move on to #2, but other times not so much. For instance, if I have a giveaway I’m working on and waiting for the sponsor to get back to me it can ruin my day if they don’t check their email.

I’m afraid that if I put that item and project aside I’ll forget it, lose track of it, or even lose it. It’s just the way my mind works. When I think of a project or list I think of it as “How Do You Eat An Elephant?” Answer? “One Bite At A Time Of Course!”

And so I trudge on during the day. Many people don’t think this way and can easily move on from one item to the next and with in their list getting a days worth of work done in mere hours. Today, Mr. Linky has gotten the best of me, and so I’m waiting for him to send me a resonable answer to fix HIS widget. I can code but I do not speak “Geek” and feel he as the provider should fix his original code.

So I moved on to #2 on my list and because of the time difference between here and Israel where the sponsor resides, the clock ticks by.

#3 on my list has got my attention and made me forget 1 and 2. OMG Squirrel! Have you heard the 2Cellos? Me the hardrock fan am hooked forever on these dudes!

I grasped myself and closed Youtube, turned off the CD Player and checked back on #1…..Is this sounding a little like Who’s on First?



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  1. I am sometimes like that. My issues are people who move my things when I have them just where I want them. I keep telling them to stop moving my things but do you think they listen…..

  2. I am this way at times also. I hate it when I feel this way. I wish you the best in conquering this. Thank you for sharing

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