Starting A Business Is Never Easy



Starting a business is never easy and I should know.  I have what I consider evolved or what others consider ADD.  My first internet business was selling books.  I love books, the smell, feel etc.  My first job was to liquidate an estate of leather bound books that were all collectibles.  There were over 2,000 of them.  It was amazing and I was doing what I loved.  I enjoyed selling each one, telling customers about them and I learned a lot, but then the Kindle & iPad and other readers came about and the bottom fell out of the book market.


When Networking Witches was started it flew up in stats and took right off.  I’m very thankful that it did but along the way were a lot of bumps and bruises that most everyone never saw.  However, we (Rose) listened to other bloggers and created our site with love and care.  We didn’t start it with dollar signs in our eyes, though both of us were in need of money.  We saw this more as a way to provide items we needed for our family.  Along the way we made friends with both sweepers and bloggers.  Some friends as always turned out better than others.


With our failure at some things we learned.  I wouldn’t trade those failures for anything because it kept us working hard and pushing ourselves to make the best blog we could.  To create a blog we could be proud of.  We once spent a whole night using Google Cache to put our blog back up when it was ass-i-dently deleted.  We worked with friends to learn to use our dashboard, and still now I have to ask for help at times.


While I still love Networking Witches and it will always be a labor of love, starting Networking Perks was a whole ‘nother beast.  I love working with other bloggers but most bloggers are moms and home has to come first.  Then business, and as a business owner working with moms we must learn to work together.  Learn to work side by side instead of against one another.


For those of you starting your blogs I want to say….. No it isn’t easy, there is much to learn but it is worth it.  Especially, if you’re a mom staying home with the kids.  There will be days you can’t create a post or review because your brain is clogged or with your family but that’s ok, it will pass.  If you continue and work at it steadily you will succeed.  Lean on other bloggers and join groups.  Don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes.  Mistakes are not a sign of imperfection but rather a struggle to reach perfection.

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  1. I know what you mean about loving the feel and the smell of a book. Books are my passion. I give you props, though. I would not even know where to begin trying to start a business though I’m not very business savvy.

  2. Awesome post and very well said! Starting your own blog is all about Learning, and the most and best advice you can get is from other bloggers and groups. Mistakes only make the project better and open up new doors to success.

  3. It sounds like it is alot of hard work and requires alot of patience. I am glad you have learned so much and doing great. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. my sister just started her own business doing bridal hair and make-up. She loves what she does, but she never knows how much, if anything she will be earning. She also has to deal with bridezilla’s, so yes it’s tough.

  5. I remember starting a business, it isn’t easy at all. If you can keep doing it over a year, you deserve to be called successful. I wish everyone who can the best if they can, but I prefer to work for someone to have less pressure.

  6. I have my own business and it is a labor of love, but easy-Never! Dealing with difficult people can be a real challenge, not to mention the day to day operation that requires attention beyond the 9 to 5 day.

  7. I can tell you put in alot of hard work. As far as mistakes, we should learn from them. You do a great job. Thank you for sharing

  8. I really thank you for posting this. My husband has had a business for a while and it has its ups and downs but we have worked a lot of the kinks out and it is getting better. Your points are very good and in this day and age and economy it is very hard to have a new business.

  9. This is true. And I thank you for the information. Now a days it is hard to compete. The economy pushes to the bigger and no always better.

  10. I have trying to work up the nerve to start a new business after my old business failed during the recession of 2008. I was doing really well and then all my clients lost their jobs. I have a idea to start a new business but I am doubting myself. Thanks for your article. it was helpful.

  11. (Kind of a story…) About a year ago, I took a Creative Entrepreneurship Workshop with the intent of starting an Etsy shop. It never got off the ground; never even started, really. It was a huge leap away from what I had been doing previously (clinical psychology), and I was SO full of ideas and raw energy that I just could not get it together in any sense of the term. However, I did learn and gain quite a bit from the experience. I learned about HOW MUCH is involved in something that one might thing is simple: [successfully] launching and selling on Etsy is nothing like putting a used sofa up on Craigslist. Learning or even hearing a lot of new terminology and concepts (e.g., SEO) sparked my own journey into researching these new things. I began to look into graphic design, for example. So while I’m not an Etsy seller (today), I did learn quite a bit from it. But you’re right– it was definitely not easy!

  12. Second post from me. I wanted you to know that I had a friend read this posting (I send her the link) because she is starting her own business and I thought she should read this. Thanks!

  13. I had started an online shop selling candles and home decor a few years back. I truly had unrealistic ideas of making my business a success overnight. The process was long, costly and time consuming. Perhaps if I had been a bit healthier it may have been more, but I had to close it down later due to my health becoming worse. I will say that the experience was inspiring and oh how I loved the creative part of things. I miss that qite allot. Try not to go into it with unrealistic expectations.

  14. I know for myself I am still trying to put my blog together, I have no idea what to put on it lol, I can say I am so thankful to be apart of your blog as a few others that I have come to know and love and much appreciate all that you for us..

  15. Although I’ve been through business school, I’ve never started a business. Business knowledge is so helpful in everyday life though. Working in groups and learning to get along with others seems to be a big lesson that’s helpful. Some still need some practice at it though, lol.

  16. (Starting A Business Is Never Easy) This is something that I have been thinking about doing myself for a few years now. I am going to give it some more consideration now after reading this-

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