Social Timing is Everything

Have you heard the saying, “Timing is everything” and while on some level you understand but the explanation is not quite clear. Today, this saying could not be more true and applicable with how we operate our business in the demanding digital world. Capturing your audience is even more important where the message has to be clear, concise, to the point and timed just right.

Maybe you have heard on the radio, at certain times of the day, very specific ads. The ads target a particular audience or message, well the same can be said when targeting your audience on social media.

social media timing, timing is everythingEach social media platform has a specific and optimal time to post for the ideal customer. The posting times are not what you would typically think either. You might believe that early morning hours or later in the evening would be best, this is when folks are off of work. We would be inclined to share with you that this is wrong with the exception of Instagram.

The Rising Star of Social Media

Instagram started off as a little unknown social media app for users to post beautiful and appealing pictures. No noise, no ads, no drama, no algorithms, no nada! Instagram was the place to be for aesthetically attractive photos and social shares. As Instagram began to gain higher ground they garnered the attention of Facebook and suddenly they were one.

social media timing, timing is everything, optimal social media timingNow Instagram is ruled by similar algorithms of Facebook and is THE place to capture an audience. With their story platform that carries a semblance of SnapChat but with an older audience and eye-catching attraction, anyone who is anyone posts on Instagram, any time, any day, with the exception of the late afternoon.

Who Doesn’t Use Social Media

Have you met a client, personal friend or acquaintance who simply refuses to use a specific platform, say like Facebook? More times than not these folks are missing the boat. Facebook is the largest visited website, other than Google and the largest visited social media platform. While Facebook has become a social giant, they are a necessary evil to selling to your audience and capturing an online presence.

Other than listing your business with the major search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, the fourth and most critical is Facebook. Believe it or not, 75% of Facebook users can be captured in the early to mid-afternoon hours. When you think your employees are working, they are actually working hard on their thumb scrolling skills.

Put a Pin In It

social media timing, pinterest, entrepreneurA platform that began like a bulletin style vision board for women has become an online, inspirational magazine for all. Truth be told I caught my husband using Pinterest when looking to create a winning Boy Scouts Blue & Gold banquet cake. Now Amazon startups and companies like Home Depot are utilizing their marketing in a whole different light.

From inspirational beauty shots to funky new gadgets, Pinterest allows users to share. Additionally, consumers create their own vision boards saving these rare finds to revisit at a later time or find themselves running out to make the purchase of a lifetime. These “boards” have become popular amongst those insomniacs and creatively inclined. When sleep evades your consumers this is the optimal time to post and share your product in an interesting fashion.

If some of these platforms still leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost in the sea of social, our team of social media managers are here to help. Fill out our quick questionnaire and we can schedule a time to discuss your goals. Let us help you take advantage, excel and grow your online presence through social media.

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