Share The Good, Bad and The Funny

As a blogger it’s important to show the good, the bad and the funny.  So many times as bloggers we’re wrapped up in showing the good in products we decide not to share the bad.  This doesn’t mean it’s open season but it does mean that sometimes there are things about products we’re not fond of.    For instance, when reviewing Argan Oil, which I love, sometimes it doesn’t smell so great.  While it does what it says and is all natural, the scent isn’t to my liking.  Once absorbed into the skin the scent disappears but this is important to share.  It doesn’t mean it’s a bad review, it shows that it’s an honest review.


Just because you didn’t receive a product you love or hate for the purpose of review on your website doesn’t mean you can’t share it.  Sometimes it’s important to share things just because it’s who we are and what we love.  It helps form our personality on our blogs.  Helps show our personality so to speak.  When PR and other companies are investigating your blog it helps you show who you are and that you’re honest.


Have something humorous going on in your house?  Your kids or pets doing something funny.  Share it.  It doesn’t mean you have to share photos or videos of them, that is your choice.  Do be sure though that if you are sharing things about your family that you don’t post things that violate their privacy.  I see people post about Johnny pooping his pants at 9 and they show photos and a full name.  That’s very inappropriate.  I have seen moms not think about the rights of their children and post about drug addictions and such.  Remember what we drill into our kids, once posted on the internet it can’t be retracted.


Post things that are funny, fun and uplifting about your family.  Posts they’ll be proud of today and in the years to come.  Videos that show your family growing and will entertain anyone that comes to visit your blog.

17 Replies to “Share The Good, Bad and The Funny”

  1. This makes me really want to update my blog! I started last year and then became so busy that I have abandoned it :(

  2. Jennifer it’s never to late to update your blog!
    angelasaver I always try to consider my kids feelings before I post something about them. Many times I will note something as a “person in my family”

  3. I love reading about new products and sharing them.I especially love beauty products and house cleaning products but there are so many others I enjoy finding out about.I also agree that it would be nice to blog about the negative sides of things just so we all get the whole round picture. :)

  4. this is so true! i have sometimes wondered if some bloggers sell out to a company, because they never say anything bad. there has to be times when it is. i recently read a blog post where a blogger stated something negative without being negative to the company, and it was refreshing to read.

  5. As a frequent reader of reviews on many blogs, I really appreciate the HONEST reviews! After all, bloggers have to be concerned about their own credibility, too, not just making a product’s manufacturer happy.

  6. I agree totally. Blogs should be Honest about the products they review. I also enjoy reading about their families too as long as it’s not too personal. I know my daughter wouldn’t want me to put her personal info out there for everyone to see. Still blogs are the best thing that has ever happened and I enjoy visiting them.

  7. I greatly appreciate completely honest product reviews. I know I’ve read my fair share of “I LOVE this product, it’s the best thing I have ever tried in my entire life. Go buy it now.” posts. I mean, you can’t love everything all the time, right? :)

  8. I’m not a blogger, but I read a lot of blogger reviews & it’s interesting to read this. I do appreciate the truly honest reviews. Those are the blogs I return to.

  9. You hit it right on with this article. I really enjoys so many of your reviews and things your write about. Thank you so much for sharing

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