Our Services

Our Social Media Management and Marketing services helps you to grow brand awareness, drive more traffic to your site, forge relationships and grow your business.

Brand Awareness

Did you know that over 3 billion people have some form of online social media presence? That is just under half of the world’s population! What does this mean? If your organization is not online in the social media realm you are losing valuable sales dollars, so much so that over 95% of consumers aged 18-34 are likely to follow a brand via social networking.

These consumers WANT to know what is happening with your business, the deals offered, the new products; our team will ensure that your products are in the presence of the right audience.

Driving Traffic

By increasing your overall social networking presence your site traffic will also increase which means that people are more likely to buy from you. Developing curated posts and content with leading calls to action to drive consumers to your site. To maintain the momentum, we can consult on how to continue re-targeting ads based on post engagement and response.

Forging Relationships

Through strong brand awareness you build a connection with your consumer. These connections will help online engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc) which will return new relationships through word of mouth and referrals. The more engagement your business provides, the stronger the consumer connection (relationship) and greater the likelihood of continued and budding sales.





Each of these foundational social media management tools will help you grow your business. More and more business is conducted with an online presence which means staying abreast of all changes in online TOU/TOS agreements,  regulatory guidelines and social site algorithms. You have enough to worry about in the day-to-day, let us help you manage your online presence more effectively.