Networking Perks is Looking for Guest Posters

Networking Perks is looking for Guest Posters. We would like you to cover something about blogging. Make it positive. It can be about working with PR or large companies. How to take great photos, or even how to interact with your readers. In return we will have at the top your name and your blog with link to it and at the bottom your button linked to your site. We are open to suggestions! Sign up here

4 Replies to “Networking Perks is Looking for Guest Posters”

  1. Agree with Sandra. Again, you require comments on non-giveaway posts, but offer few if any to make a relevant comment on. I hope you find someone to help with this. It is always an option to allow us to comment on giveaway posts as well. There seem to be plenty of them. :) Good luck!

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