Most Bloggers Are Honest And Working To Provide For Their Family




I want to say with all the hub bub that is going on about dishonesty in blogging (some of which has been posted here), that cheating is in the minority.  I also want to state that 99% of the time that the blogs participating in Blogger Opps where a person is accused of cheating (which may or may not be true) that the associated blogs know nothing of it.  Sign ups and entry widgets (Giveaway Tools, Rafflecopter, etc) are not accessible to those participating or co-hosting.


As bloggers and it doesn’t matter what type you are ie. deal, life style, giveaway, cooking etc., you are expected by your advertisers and sponsors to keep your site stats and social media up.  If we don’t keep these stats up we can’t offer nicer products to you for giveaway, we can’t offer honest reviews or how to videos.  Unfortunately, our blogs cost money to keep up AND we also have to help to contribute to our family.


When a blogger cheats it calls attention to our own selves and blogs and is not good publicity but we do it to keep others from being duped.  To keep our entrants and readers from wasting their time and effort because we appreciate our readers and respect them.  We depend on our readers as much as we depend on our sponsors.  When the internet blows up it’s so easy to think that “everyone” is playing unfair when in reality it is a small fraction of people.  Individual bloggers are put into a bad position at times trying to work with other bloggers whether required by a sponsor or whether working to boost stats and bring readers the best giveaways or information.


Entrants too try to cheat at times and bloggers are in a situation of fielding comments, emails and checking to be sure that the entries are legitimate.  Then there is the issue of making sure giveaway winners do get their prizes, and that means contacting sponsors and pr for more information, sometimes tracking numbers, and getting back to the entrants, as well as providing content to our blogs.  Then there is timing, we have schedules to keep up with for sponsors.  Many times we are required to report the stats of the post and giveaway to the sponsor as well.


So to sum this up, MOST bloggers the majority of bloggers are honest and don’t have time to figure out how to be dishonest because we’re putting the effort into doing the right thing by everyone involved.  It’s important that bloggers, sponsors, pr, entrants and readers all remember this.

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  1. I have to admit it is very true for bloggers as well as people entering said contests. It is always a small percentage either way, but it’s that small percentage that makes both sides look bad.
    I have always felt those who blog and their readers have a symbiotic relationship… we depend on each other. I can’t imagine cheating I guess, because those I follow I most usually genuinely like.
    It is a pity though that bloggers in the huge contest dont have access to the “Sign ups and entry widgets (Giveaway Tools, Rafflecopter, etc) are not accessible to those participating or co-hosting” it would make things so much more transparent.
    I miss the days before the widgets where you came, you made a comment, and prizes were smaller but more fun. There was an actual personal relationship with the folks behind the blogs. Now, we dont have time to usually pop in and say hello, or to respond to your posts when we may want to. The numbers of entrants are so high, dedicated readers are so busy entering we just dont have enough hours in the day.
    I dont know wat the answer is to any of this either side anymore…..

  2. Makes me sad when bloggers are dishonest and when entrants are dishonest! Glad it’s a small number and that most bloggers continue giveaways.

  3. I think I know the blog you’re talking about, having recently read a few articles that seemed to refer to a blogger that had allegedly scammed other bloggers, etc. I have to say, as a reader & giveaway entrant, almost every blogger that I have communicated with has been very honest. (I’ve been reading blogs & entering contests for several years. Only once did I never get a prize I won, & I don’t blame the blogger for that. In another case, a blogger went out of her way to be sure I did get a prize I won, even threatening to remove her review if they didn’t come through.) I imagine, like any profession, blogging is going to be mostly decent, hardworking people with an occasional bad seed tossed in.

  4. i am not a blogger, but i need to be since i need to make some money, since i am retired, however, my interest service is sooo expensive and i have very few options. i think that most bloggers are very hard working and do a lot to maintain their sites, i am amazed at how some never sleep, they seem to always be on facebook til all hours of the night, and how do they run their family b/c most have kids. i have run into a few problems with bloggers but most are very reputable and do a great job. i dont follow their blogs anymore with the ones that i had some problems with, there are so many more that are more worthy to follow. the problems i incurred was that my prize was never sent or it was given to someone else by the same first name and initial. their response was not nice when i asked how they did that or did they not verify it was the person who won. but then again you have people that are dishonest and say they are they people that won and they causes bad feeling from the person that won towards the blogger. at my age, i dont give many people 2nd chances anymore. like the expression fool me once….on the other hand i have been very nice to many of the bloggers i deal with, if i win a prize i dont like or need or have something they might like to giveaway, i have sent it to them.

  5. Well, First let me thank you for the Fantastic Review/Information on Most Bloggers Are Honest And Working To Provide For Their Family! I always believe that a blogger is honest and upright unless I have a major problem. I experienced a problem with a blogger at one time and was quite upset and angry with the situation. I never reported this blogger. I went to the company themselves to try and receive my winning giveaway. The company was very kind and we worked together to get me the products which I had won. This is the only problem I have had. Like I said, Unless I have a problem, I believe that all the bloggers are honest. You bloggers have to put out money in order to make money. Plus, I do believe that there are an awful lot of bloggers who are contributing to the family budget. I have to say that I think what all you bloggers do is terrific and I enjoy reading reviews and when I comment that I truly appreciate it, I mean it! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review/information on Most Bloggers Are Honest And Working To Provide For Their Family with all of us! I do appreciate how an accusation can get every blogger upset! I think you are all doing a great job and I do appreciate all of you for what you do and bring us! Thanks again! Michele :)

  6. I’ve been entering giveaways for many years and have almost always received a prize that I’ve won. I agree that most bloggers don’t have the time it would take to be sneaky.

  7. So true, The blogging community is so neat and I sometimes feel a crazy affection for people that i don’t even know just from reading their blogs. I love to enter contests and the one and only time that I had a problem it was the blogger that went to bat, and took her time (by passing the PR person) and sorted it out.

  8. I, personally, have no experience when it comes to blogging, but I do have experience entering giveaways, and I’m sure there are a few people that cheat when entering contests. You’ll find cheating in all aspects of life. So I agree with you that it is not as many as people think. If the majority cheated, not just in giveaways but in all aspects of life, then we, as a race, would be in bad shape. It would effect everything in our lives if it were so.

  9. I am so glad you shared this. I often wondered with the giveaways if it was legitimate. I have won some nice things but nothing ever very big. It always seems like no matter how much I try I do not win. I really appreciate you sharing this. I appreciate all the hard work you put into it. I know it is not easy

  10. I hate when people say that bloggers are lazy… I’ve heard and see far too many people say that blogging isn’t a real job. It takes so much hard work and commitment to maintain a blog! I know for a fact that I haven’t been able to upkeep a blog for more than a few days.

  11. It is hard when one dishonest person spoils the opinion of a whole group and it shouldn’t happen. Bloggers are all different individuals who have to work hard to maintain their blogs.

  12. There will always be a 10% lunatic fringe in the population, unfortunately as the population grows so do the fringes! We should all reflect on the 90% we dwell with and support them!

  13. I never even thought about dishonesty among bloggers until I read something last year that happened to a blogger that I read. I was glad they alerted me so I could unfollow them and learn a little at the same time. So glad to know the majority are good apples. The more press this gets maybe the harder it will be for the bad apples to cheat the system!

  14. I’ve been looking more and more into blogging to help provide for my family. Thank you for writing such interesting and informative posts about blogging to help me decide if it is right for me.

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