Mommy Bloggers Are Not Free Publicity For PR

Every now and then I see a mom or blogger send a lightning bolt post through about PR Companies or people thinking that the bloggers time, effort, and money soaked into the blog is free.  Today, I was hit with not 1, not 2, but 3 of them.  It’s put me in a sour mood.

Let me make this perfectly clear, MOST PR Companies are a treat to work with.  MANY, we do extra things for them with nothing received because they are nice.  Speak nicely and don’t speak to us as though we’re a flunky.  Even some who may be new and we have to explain things over and over to, I don’t mind because they are NICE.

<Insert Dripping Sarcasm Here>  When we say NO we will not do something we mean it.  Don’t say ok and think we’re going to change our mind later.  Do NOT ask us to do things that are not allowed or could get us or you in trouble *cough* <Facebook>.

Seriously I’m working with 3 hair splitters today and their giveaways are over and done with.  One wants to change the rules and not send the promised item.  One wants me to post for a major brand for free.  The other I’m not going in to because it’s too long, but my point is this here is what you get for a review/giveaway or advertisement.

A Giveaway written by me, with information YOU want included.  Key words, phrases and links.  The item actually sampled or tested.  Your write up being tweeted, going on our Facebook, and listed on contest boards.  Your post goes into our daily newsletter, oh and I almost forgot, I have a butt load of Facebook and Twitter Friends so when we post it’s seen by a lot of people.

A review or giveaway posting takes me about an hour, sometimes more and sometimes less.  It just depends.  I was paid more in the work force.  I’m not a moron and have a college degree.  Not only that I was the bread winner and sacrificed that for my family.  Do not talk down to me.

So listen up Jeffery, Mike, and  Sarah, we are people and deserve to be treated like people.  We are cheaper than tv, newspapers and magazines or you wouldn’t be using us, and there have been companies made and broken by MOMS!   I will be sharing information with my friends.  My readers come first!

7 Replies to “Mommy Bloggers Are Not Free Publicity For PR”

  1. As a newbie to the world of blogging, I’m so impressed with the heartfelt comments made by so many wonderful people. I would think that sponsors by now should realize what a privilege it is for them to be spotlighted in such a way!

  2. I’ve been a reader and a participant in entering giveaways ever since blogs started doing them it seems. As one of those people, I can’t imagine a company thinking that it’d be ok to insult you to this degree. I mean really. They wouldn’t expect to get radio or TV time for free. Why would they expect to get a long write up about their product, along with all the publicity you are providing for free? I, for one, know that what you do works. There have been many products/services that I have ended up purchasing because I found out about them based on a blog review or giveaway. I certainly can’t be the only one. I’m sorry these people are doing this to you and other bloggers. I’ve been reading about it way too often lately. :(

  3. I love that you put your readers first, sponsors are nice and even better when they offer a giveaway for your readers, but people need to know you work hard for your blog and readers and deserve better!

  4. I had no idea those giveaways take so long to set up. Nothing for free is right–I totally agree. Time is money and all that. They start taking advantage of you if don’t don’t put your foot down day one, and establish a firm policy about that.

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