Low Carb Eggroll Dinner

Making dinner is such an ordeal. Of all the meals made at home, dinner is the most stressful, cumbersome, and often unappreciated. As of late, dinner has been feeling rather energetic, creative, broadening my family’s palette and horizon of food choices. Our family is a huge fan of Asian food and I was craving something deep fat fried and covered in chocolate, but my will to eat healthy outweighed my darkest desire.

I am not a fan of low carb diets, I think they have a place for certain health aspects, however, some of the greatest low carb dishes are a true delight. Asian food is not often considered low carb; rices, fried or sticky, won tons, rice rolls, noodles, nothing about Asian food says low carbohydrate. I digress.

So the other night I was craving something of the egg roll type of food. Frying foods is a pain in the neck in my house and I had no desire for such things, but I love the ingredients. I decided to whip up a quick, easy meal that was hearty, filling and tasty.

My fridge housed rainbow carrots, a head of cabbage, onions of all varieties, a chub of pork sausage, alfalfa sprouts and bean sprouts. Considering that the cabbage is shredded and the carrots are stringy and straw like I had my work cut out to prepare. I took the easy route, using my shredder and shredding the cabbage much like coleslaw. After much elbow grease I found that chopping to be more efficient. The carrots were a treat and I improvised as my mandolin is not as efficient as I would like, so I used a peeler. What better way to get carrots into the dish than to peel the entire carrot. Onions should be sliced to be thin half round pieces that toss well, about a half onion or more to your tasting. Finally, some chopped garlic to toss into the meat mixture as it cooks.

eggroll recipe, low carb eggroll recipe, low carb recipeBrown the chub of sausage, or really any meat! The second time I made this dish I used ground turkey, however I have found that ground pork or pork sausage to really bring out some amazing flavor. Once browned, keep the juices in the pan, toss in the garlic and mix well. Add in the cabbage and carrots. Now is the time for flavor!

Just a pinch of ginger, three tablespoons of liquid aminos (a healthier and tastier version of soy sauce) and about a teaspoon of oyster sauce. The oyster or fish sauce add some depth to the flavor. Whip together and pour over the meat and veggie mixture, stir to evenly coat and disburse the sauce.low carb eggroll recipe, eggroll innards, low carb recipe

Once the sauce is evenly distributed, cook for about 3-5 more minutes. Feel free to top with additional onions, sprouts, hot sauce or even some hot mustard. We served ours with air fryed Won Ton chips. Just take some Won Ton squares, cut diagonally, toss into the air fryer or the oven. Cook for 3-5 minutes and serve. Our family is a huge fan of this meal. The total cost is less than $5 for the entire meal and feeds a family of five. Dinner’s should not have to be fancy, cost a fortune, or be frustrating.

law carb eggroll recipe

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