How Subscription Boxes Are Changing Our Lives

Most of us are moms and if YOU are anything like me, you buy for the family first and then worry about yourself. By the time the bills are paid and the family is taken care of the truth is that there is generally nothing left of the paycheck.

Recently, I’ve been slashing costs and things that we’ve taken for granted way too long. As a woman, wife, and mother I want to look and feel my best and the sudden explosion of subscription boxes are allowing me to take care of myself for a minimal amount of money. My husband has noticed a huge difference in my looks and attitude. While, I have only subscribed to one monthly box, Julep, I have received many for review.

I received one with supplements and yesterday bought those supplements for myself and husband. We saw a differences and we would have never tried them had it not come in box. This shows that sampling can cause buyers. Then we received a snack subscription box. This one contained only healthy snacks. I want to give my family the best snacks possible and this box gave me many ideas and snacks to look for in the store. Even more? They gave me coupons for future purchases.
For a minimal amount of money we can subscribe to a subscription box that will help restore our beauty supplies, give us food & snack ideas, help us move to being greener and so much more. There are even clothing subscription boxes. The trick is finding the box that is perfect for you and stocking up on items you and your family need. Possibly canceling and signing up for another subscription that will suit your needs.

These boxes have changed the we’re living and entitling us to treasures we wouldn’t normally have access to. The moral of this story is……As bloggers, this is the wave of the future and we need to cater to these companies. We need to find angels that will appeal to our audience and stay on topic of the future.

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  1. I see a lot of subscription boxes online & they do look interesting, especially the food ones! I saw one for candies from around the World delivered every month. That one might tempt me!

  2. I think alot of these boxes are great. They do get you to try things that you would not usually buy otherwise. Thank you so much for sharing

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