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The holidays are over and with that most bloggers stats are down, and that creates cranky bloggers.  While gallivanting around the internet I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers with a bit of a holiday hangover.  Pass them the ass-prin please!  I don’t know how or why some bloggers come to the conclusion that they can blog all by themselves and on their own.


Blogging is a community effort.  We all need each other. We are people and it’s our nature. Social media is called social media because you have to be…..(drum roll please???) SOCIAL! I can’t tell you how many working relationships and collaborations have been spurred from working with others! Make friends, smile, be happy, and be nice, it will get you a lot further!


If you associate with other bloggers take the time to like and follow their social media  and maybe they’ll reciprocate!


It has taken me a lot time to learn that I can’t work 24/7 blogging and not work in social media too.  It just doesn’t work.  You have to build your social media, to promote your blog post.  You have to make friends to build your social media.  Are you seeing a pattern here?



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  1. Agreed!! So often we think we can do it on our own and are prideful. We think that asking for help or partnering by being social is a sign of weakness.

    I cannot tell you how often in the corporate banking world I would collaborate with WOMEN!! We would support each other as if we were supporting men. No cattiness or back biting, just honest camaraderie and cheer leading. Women who are frenemies in the workplace (or social media workplace) are insecure of themselves and do not see that they could learn and or grow or advance by other women and or men.

  2. This is so true in a lot of aspects of life. We all tend to feel we have to do things by ourselves nowadays, but way back everything was a community effort.

  3. These are some great suggestions. They can apply to our personal life as well. Thank you so much for sharing

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