Attack of the Gallstones and Duodenitis

Laying in the gurney I was exhausted from the overwhelming pain and discomfort. Lightly shivering I tried to curl into the smallest ball to maintain my body heat, despite the fever, under three blankets and a hospital sheet. Hours past ever so slowly as I struggled to catch my breath and I was so terribly thirsty. The IV only partially began to quench my chapped lips, I tried to form spit in my mouth to swallow, my dehydration was ever so frustrating; the dehydration from hours of back-to-back vomiting. I prayed for relief, I prayed for answers, I thanked God for my husband keeping his wits and emotions about him and I was thankful for the staff in finding answers. Continue reading “Attack of the Gallstones and Duodenitis”

The Oily Life

A few years ago I watched a few friends on Facebook share about their journey and adventure with essential oils. I figured some of this was just placebo, voodoo healing, where it was all in their mind. Some other part of me, the part that believes in supernatural, mysticism, and the power of the almighty, I thought there might be something to this oily life they speak about. So I started to inquire. When I did, I wish I hadn’t. Continue reading “The Oily Life”

What I See vs What She Sees

What I think Dot is thinking, “I wish someone else had adopted me.  I don’t like you mom.”

What Dot is probably REALLY thinking, “I’m tired and need a nap.  I love you mom.”


What we think of ourselves tricks us into untruths we think are about us, because we don’t like our own self.  This is creating a whole new way of thinking for me.  When I think something negative, I have been consciously stopping and thinking it through.  Is this what they are thinking or is this how I perceive myself?  It can cause a hamster wheel in your head that never ends but if you throw the wheel out, and instead of thinking with emotion, think with intelligence and then emotion you may start to feel better about you!

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Disclosure: I cannot stress enough how important it is to check with your doctor before taking any supplement and keeping a good physical routine to keep up with your health. I am not suggesting or making medical claims. I am simply sharing my routine and that of my family’s with you.

I was recently sent a sampling of Lakota Herbs products for review. While all of these work and work well I might add my favorite is the LaKota PM Night Time Pain Relief.  I suffer boughts of insomnia and it is very frustrating.  I have never found a product that puts me to sleep as well as the LaKota PM.


My husband who has knee issues really likes the Joint Relief.  The Joint Relief has to be taken consistently for a few weeks to see results but he says it works and works well.  This improves his quality of life as well as helping him get through his days at work.

LaKota Herbs sent me the following products for review:

  • Soulagement Nocturne LaKota PM Night Time Pain Relief
  • Extra Strength Extra Fort
  • Muscle Pain – Roll-On
  • Back Pain – Roll-On
  • Arthritis Roll-On
  • Triple Action
  • Force Maximum
  • Joint Care
  • Extra Strength Arthritis
  • Canine Arthritis Pain Reliever


I’m going to share a few we have with you. I cannot sleep at night. Chronic insomnia is almost painful, add to it cracking knees and an aching neck and you have a mess. I tried the LaKotaPM Night Time Pain Relief, and noticed a difference. I was able to fall asleep much easier and I stayed asleep.




I give Lakota Herbs two thumbs up.  The products do what they say they will do and it gives me an all natural option to over the counter pain medications.

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Reminder:  Always check with your health care physician before starting any supplements or taking any medications.

Success & Failure Could Be Those You Surround Yourself With


I started blogging officially in 2009, but had to keep a blog well before that for the virtual world I was working for. My blog started as a place to say and do what I wanted. Through my years of blogging I have made friends and left friends for various reasons. #1 on the list is because I don’t like what they are doing, or how they’re doing it. I’m not talking hair and make up here folks.

Nope, I’m talking finding out that people aren’t following the rules, are merciless to others, are wolves in sheeps clothes etc. If you think that PR doesn’t know who each blogger you’re hanging out with is you couldn’t be more wrong, and you could be judged on THEIR actions. You know the old addage “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together”?

When you’re a blogger and builing your stats PR and sponsors are watching constantly. If you have 5000 Twitter followers you obviously don’t know each of those people. For all you know PR slipped in as an “Egg” that many bloggers discriminate against, just to see what you’re up to and if you’d be a good fit for their product or services.

We don’t have to be perfect, because we’re human and that won’t happen, but we can work to be the best, most honest, and sincere bloggers we can be. When you’re on Facebook and a person asks for help and you leave a snarky comment to the effect of “I had to figure it out myself, I’m not helping anyone”, I guarantee that other bloggers won’t help you when you need it and any PR that is watching is less than impressed.

We work so hard to brand ourselves, build our stats, build our social media, don’t ruin all the good you’re doing by dishing like Cruella. NO! Be that good cheery person you are offline, online as well. We need each other, we are each different, running different types of blogs, and we are not in competition with one another.