The Treasured Golden Jewelry Box


As a child of about 4, I have fond memories of sitting on my parents bed and watching my mom get ready for a night out.  Back then this small town had things to do, like dinner and dancing, and my parents always had other couples to double date with.  I marveled at all of my mom’s adventures and pretty things; dresses, shoes, make up, and jewelry.  None of the items were expensive but it was a treasure trove for a child to look at, feel, and catch the scent of her mother’s perfume.

My mother had a large golden jewelry box that hypnotized me.  On the occasions she took it out of its drawer, she would let me sit and go through the jewelry stashed inside.  It was such a treat because the items she kept in usually had meaning to her.  I remember rubbing my tiny fingers along the top of the box, awed by it’s beauty on the outside.  Inside, I would find an array of colorful beads, colored class gems, rings, necklaces and earrings.  I would sit and chatter at her while she applied her make up.  Rubbing my fingers along the surface of the colorful jewels and feeling the different cuts mesmerized me.  I believed my mother was a real princess.

Putting bits and pieces of information together over the years from my Gran and my Mom, I came to the conclusion that in her younger years my mother spent a good portion of her paychecks acquiring costume jewelry from the 60’s.  Much of which I treasure and wear today.

To this day I will call my mom and say remember your gold jewelry box?  And I will tell her a memory of me playing with it.  For my Birthday a couple of weeks ago my mother gave me the golden jewelry box.  This box that I love because it reminds of a happy moment in time.   It’s been sitting on my buffet since my Birthday begging me write this post.  Today I decided to start filling it with jewels of paste and it has brought me loving memories of my Gran, Grandmother and Mom.   When my Grandmother and Gran passed I received a lot of their costume jewelry that was from the the 1940’s and up.  And so today I’m filling the Golden Jewelry Box with treasures from the three women I’ve loved and looked up to most in my life.


Do you have an heirloom attached to your childhood memories?