When Blogging Jobs Don’t Go According To Plan

Sometimes as bloggers we get jobs in that just hiccup from the moment we get it.  Recently, that happened to me and so I sat and thought about what I would do if I were the one in charge of PR.  The first thing I did was email the PR company to let them know what I did to fix the issue (The store was out of product).

I took my photo and based my post on the fact that the product was flying off the shelves and to get yours while you could.   I basically made the best out of a bad situation.  I emailed the PR Company who told me to go with what I had because they felt the link to the company was most important.

My point is there are so many times as bloggers that we must improvise and we need to think out of the box.  When in doubt email the person in charge of the campaign.  You’re not bothering them and that is their job.  I used to always be hesitant because I don’t like bothering people but in doing so I didn’t help myself any.

Get a bad product in the mail for review?  Give it to a friend or family member to try.  They may love it and you may get a whole new spin on the subject.  As bloggers we there is so much we can do to come off positive and with out lying.  Don’t get me wrong there are those circumstances that we must leave a bad review or unfavorable responses but sometimes we can avoid them.

Back to School with Amazon Opp

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Spring Means Less Time Online For Everyone



I like many others have been swamped and pushed for time.  Spring has spring and everyone has projects, events, and wants to be out in the fresh air.  Which leads me to….. we as bloggers are going to see less traffic.  I have spoken to a few bloggers ready to throw in the towel but “slow and steady” wins the race.


Now is a great time to keep a notebook in your car, purse or diaper bag and take notes.  Maybe while you’re out you’ll find inspiration for content posts to add to your daily blogging posts.  Post that people will read on their phone or tablet while they’re out and about.


This is also a great time to boost your media.  Become more engaging with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  All of us have taken a hit via Facebook and their new rules and how we can’t even keep a simple “like” any more.  Build your content and work on engaging your readers.  When many of us are in the car pool line, at the park or beach we’re also checking our Facebook, favoriting a photo on Instagram, or seeing what our favorite blogs are up to on Twitter!



Keeping Our Blogs Post Fresh and New

I’m probably not the one who should write this but here it goes anyway.  Knowing and doing are 2 different things.  I tend to lack the time to do what ought to be done but I do KNOW what should be done.  On a blogging trip not too long ago the question arose, “If you died today, how long would your blog still be publishing?”.  Answers varied but mine was about 30 days or so.


While I’m not a great planner and I don’t (but should) keep a calendar, I do schedule posts in advance.  Many times one company will send me a shipment of multiple items and I will spread the posts out over 30 days or so and send them the scheduled links and when they will go live.


Lately, I’ve been spread thin between Networking Witches and Networking Perks but I try to post recipes with photos at least once a week and may get motivated to do a lot of cooking in a week.  In this case I will time the posts to spread out a bit.  Humanitarian posts at least monthly if not more.  This being said I’m a lifestyle blogger which means almost everything goes.  I don’t dabble much in couponing and deals because that is a whole ‘nother beast of blogging.


I’m not well versed in being super green, gluten free, or homeschooling, but there are times that something does spark in my brain and I may post about them.   I admire homeschoolers, their time and dedication.  I’m in awe of those that can repurpose almost anything and are totally green.  While gluten free rules elude me I do enjoy many recipes I’ve found surfing other blogs.  The people who blog about specific subjects on a regular basis are to be commended because it’s not easy and keeping your information fresh and new isn’t easy.  Many times these posts are accompanied by personal photos.  The editing alone can take hours, but the rewards to us readers is great.


Adding guests posts can also be advantageous.  I’m not referring to the paid kind.  I’m talking about the blogger helping blogger kind.  So as Spring is blooming think about what you can add to your blog to nourish it and help it grow.

Tackling Tax Season

Our favorite season is upon us: tax season. The W2’s and other miscellaneous tax documents have been mailed and received, now begins the daunting task of preparation and filings. If you are like millions of other Americans, the most uncelebrated day of the year is most likely April 15th. However, we can show you how tackling tax season does not have to be a headache.

What I have done with my tax returns in years past is create a consolidated folder. I have a physical folder on my desk that contains all of my documents that I will need to file my taxes. Ranging from W2 forms to 1099-DIV to student loan interest statements, I compile all these documents into a folder so aptly named TAXES. Then I travel to all the various websites that house the other documents that I need to file my taxes: bank statements, investment statements, Walgreen’s prescription statements, you name it I go hunt and print the document.

Bank statements these days are great depending on who you bank with. I bank with Wells Fargo and they have a spending report that allows me to export every red cent I spent from the year prior into a handy excel spreadsheet the breaks out all of my spending into medical, household, restaurant, the whole nine yards. I am able to use this when I itemize in such an easier fashion.

But if you are also like me and keep every receipt, this is great if you spent cash on some of your itemized deductions. I am a stickler for receipts. Considering I had been audited once in the past I have been sure to keep every single receipt from the dawn of time. Not really, but keeping your documents for at least seven years is the way to go if you claim them on your taxes. Tax filings are much the same as well, I finally just shredded my tax filings from 1997…I swear I am not a hoarder. However a good idea to keep your tax documents in case of an audit or you need to file an amendment to a prior year tax return.

When you actually go to file your taxes some things to keep in mind, especially if you have special circumstances like a blogger, gambler, contest winner and or are self employed. Many of your expenses are tax deductible. We will take a gambler for instance, many gambling winnings are claimed, but I have yet to see the losses claimed. You got it, when you win, you sometimes lose as well. We always claim the income, but are unaware that we can claim the expenses that are attributed to earning (or winning) the income.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Most folks file the minimum and do not ask for other ways to save on their taxes and or ask what is tax deductible.

I did a YouTube video some years ago that even covered this topic coupled with the first time home buyers tax credit. This year many of us will be feeling the pain of the Obama Care (Affordable HealthCare Act) tax penalty and or filing. In years past we have claimed everything for our healthcare from the cost of the premium to the prescriptions to the mileage on our vehicles to drive to the physician. Check on the IRS website, TurboTax and or your local tax advisor for more information, but don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Finally, do not stress. Taxes are a way of life. Tax filings are inevitable, just take a deep breath and dive in. Yes they are a pain in the neck. Yes, they can be confusing, but they don’t have to be. In general they are only confusing because we are trying to work at them while our emotions and stresses are heightened. Set aside some quiet time to work on these where you are not rushed and you can apply some thought and patience. Tackling tax season shouldn’t feel like you are wrestling a bear. Take it in stride and know there are plenty of resources available to you to answer any questions you may have.