Anger and Fear Are Not The Way To Live Your Life – Value Yourself


For too many years I’ve lived my life on what if’s. What if this happens and what if that happens. Many times the what if has come to pass but more oft than not it hasn’t. Slowly I have killed everything inside of me because of “What Ifs!” At the begining of last year I decided that was going to STOP and I was going to live for me.

Along the way I’ve made many errors because when you’re a person that simply accepts all that is dished to you and you are suddenly standing up for yourself and what is right, it throws people off. Many no longer want to be your friend. Many don’t understand and take it as hostility, but that isn’t what I wanted. I just wanted people to stop using me and in their own way abusing me. I let them do it so when I called a stop to it many things happend and without my faith in God, I would would be floundering. That isn’t to say I don’t flounder at times, but I have faith and put my future, life, and that of my family in the hands of God.

By putting my foot down I made a lot of things better and a lot of things worse. I made a muck of things with my parents and for that I’m truly sorry. Then of course it involved my siblings. Argh, the pain an anguish is something I can’t explain.

But good things happened too. I found that I have value as human, wife, mother, sister, aunt, and BLOGGER! I work long hours, much too long, and I look to change that, and put myself on a more usual work schedule this year. I want to work on loving the small things in life that I put aside when I started blogging. I need to find myself again, so to speak.

I feel better as a person and blogger doing this. I feel so much better about myself and hope that other bloggers who have fallen in the same rut as me will do the same. Know that you have worth no matter who you are, both in your person and in your work.


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  1. Good for you. Unfortunately when we decide we won’t let people use us or abuse us etc we won’t please everyon. But the best thing is we’ve learned to respect ourselves and if it causes fallout with others including our own family then I’d say it’s their problem to deal with. I’ve been through it myself but in the end I’m so much happier.
    Carol L

  2. What I have learned over the past few years is that people who treat you a certain way are doing so based on their own insecurity. This is where the saying “misery loves company” comes into play. People do not like to be alone in their sufferings so they infect those around them and it is truly a cancerous event.

    I love that you stood up for yourself and spoke your peace, this is defining boundaries and most people do not understand boundaries, where they begin, how they exist and how to respect those boundaries.

    As we begin to walk with God more and truly embrace his word to love Him, love people, love ourselves and cut the earthly ties that bind with people who do not walk with Him or His word we will lose friends, family, which is truly unfortunate. However I know in the end, as do you, we are being greatly rewarded to walk a difficult path.

    People of all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, beliefs all have amazing beauty and worth and I wish more people would just accept the diversity. Embrace what is different as an opportunity for growth and learning instead of stifling, snuffing, and breaking people down because they are not conforming to the way we want them to be. What a magical place this world would be if we embraced adversity, if we embraced how diverse each other are and celebrated that is what makes life so interesting some times. XO woman… I am happy you are finding your happy place.

  3. I used to carry a lot of anger and resentment. As I got older I realized it was just better to let go of these things. It was doing me no good. I don’t sweat the small stuff now too much and have learned to let go.

  4. This is a good thing for you. Things will level out. I let people walk all over me for many years. I am still working on this. Thank you for sharing this article

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