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Networking Perks, More Than a Name

A women owned business, Networking Perks has over 20 years of corporate operations experience. The team of Networking Perks has also been heavily involved in the evolution of social networking when Facebook was still in infancy as a college network platform and Twitter was merely an update to “I brushed my teeth today.” The ladies of Networking Perks, along with their team, have been successful in advancing in the corporate and blogging worlds, while maintaining a harmonious home life for their husbands and children. While multi-taskers, Networking Perks prides themselves in project execution and delivery; their dedication to helping you achieve your goals is a priority.

As social networking and blogs continue to grow and drive the world of big business, we want to capitalize on the competitive advantage of who you know AND what you know. These two facets will ensure longevity in an ever evolving market and avoid the pigeonhole effect to your business, your brand and your audience.

Our team of social media, business, finance, and marketing SME’s (subject matter experts) will help you elevate your business to the next level. At Networking Perks, our goal is to marry people together who will compliment each others strengths and exploit each others talents in a mutually beneficial environment.

Social Media Management

Lack of a social media presence can mean a loss of overall income and presence in the market. Juggling a growing business and a growing social media can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with how the various platforms operate. Let Networking Perks take the guesswork and frustration out of managing your social media.

Networking Perks helps companies meet their online presence needs, through social media and web enhancements (blog pages on your website). Did you know that over 3 billion people have some form of online social media presence? That is just under half of the world’s population! What does this mean? If your organization is not online in the social media realm you are losing valuable sales dollars, so much so that over 95% of consumers aged 18-34 are likely to follow a brand via social networking. These consumers WANT to know what is happening with your business, the deals offered, the new products, which also means they are likely to see your ads.

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Advertising is an effective way expose your business and drive product revenue with click through sales. Networking Perks offers a wide variety of advertising options to fit your business and budgetary needs. We offer social networking advertising packages to ensure you capture your audience including analytics to help you see where your dollars are being used effectively. Advertising can also be captured through our vast network of bloggers, contact us to find out more.

For full package advertising please contact Networking Perks Advertising for a list of tiered pricing options, we will respond within 48-72 hours.

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  1. I agree with Sandra, there need to be more “non-giveaway” posts available on this blog for commenting. Since you have that as an entry on your giveaways it would be really helpful to be able to find some non-giveaway posts to comment on. If that is not possible right now, it should be removed as an entry or else modified to read “any” post.

  2. I love all your ideas for bloggers. I don’t have a blog but maybe you could have an associate type of membership for people who are interested in a lot of your topics.

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